There’s a little bit of love in every single template and page block we design. Here you can meet the people who pour on the love, devotion and creativity to everything we do.

Founder + Designer

For the past several years Ashley has been a freelancer doing graphic and web design. Designing websites in Cornerstone with X-Theme is not only his job — it’s also his hobby. This site is a product of that hobby. He decided his designs could benefit others, rather than sitting on a test site somewhere unseen.

Ashley can be best described as a father, husband, and as a lover of art and sports.

He’s not really sure why his parents gave him a girl’s name.

Location: South Bend, Indiana (USA)

Developer + Marketer + Strategist

Johan has always been fond of business strategies and marketing, and has used the X-Theme as a key tool for growing his business. He doesn’t consider website development as work, but rather a fun brain exercise.

Johan loves sailing in the cold north, travelling to warmer places and eating delicious food (especially chocolate).

When people ask where he’s from, he doesn’t always know what to reply, except that he is a Dane, born in Brazil, raised in Chile and Sweden, educated in Denmark and California, and has worked in Switzerland, Portugal and Colombia.

Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark